Will you please restore my profile that was deactivated?

Question by sybilsteam: Will you please restore my profile that was deactivated?
We are your network, why do you choose to take from us what we spend years building without any warning or options for redemption. It totally defeats the purpose that we are here for in the first place. Isnt that why you created the 360 pages in the first place? to encourage us to interact with each other and network together? To draw attention? My 360 page was getting up to around 600 views a day, you cant tell me that doesnt benefit you. Then you decide that its inappropriate content? For what? Clearly your definition of unacceptable changes or varies from person to person or you would have nuked me 7 years ago when I started building this empire. You never hesitated promoting my profiles when they were on yahoo personals to bring people in , but then when I make a 360 page thats rockin with that much attention , its inappropriate? I havent done anything different than I always have. The clip I posted yesterday had no nudity or pornography or violence , it was a 20 second clip displaying a man with a video camera in his hand filming and encouraging me how to act for the film. I was fully dressed and bound , laying on a bed. My motive in sharing it is to help change the metaphor alot of people have surrounding bondage and the movies I make. Its not hardcore, theres no pain or violence. No nudity or anything , its hella fun and I love to share them whenever I can in a public environment to encourage more models to join me . The same clip had over twenty thousand views on You Tube in the last three weeks it was displayed there. When you take away the option to negotiate you take away our option to succeed. If you take away our individuality , you take away the magnificent differences that keep us all so fascinating to one another. Its like cutting your own throat. Cutting off your nose to spite your face. Cant you see the gratitude we all have and show you by making yahoo into the greatest network on the planet? It has everything we could ever want in a network But we need freedom of speech to be able to express our creativity and individuality fearlessly. Are the managers of it really so deliberately cold and ruthless? Tell us your rules, but tell us in black and white so the limitations arent landmines with double standards that cost us everything if we hit one by mistake. How can we learn to obey the rules that we cant see until we break one but by then its too late with no recourse? Its unfair. Why cant you write us warning tickets or even a two day suspension from my account would give me a clear reminder when Im getting too close to the boundaries? I dont have a problem if my blogs disappear if they are too graphic at times, my page was clearly posted with warnings about the visibility of adulty content. You’ve never had a problem with any of it so far, even when I thought I be a little riske’, I have continued to do nothing but promote yahoo and bring you thousands of new members every year , and this is the regard I get? Ive lost thousands of content , and contacts from the two times you did it before , remember? And I begged you to please put it back and never heard a word? Thats total disrespect. I would think by now you would have been able to develop clear guidelines for us, but there isnt , your Terms of Service are so vaugue , they could fall under any situation. Shouldnt it be the same rules for everyone? My page was in the adult profiles section , with warnings clearly stated and displayed , doesnt it then become the voyeurs responsibility where he or she is surfing into? I mean if you walk thru a yard that clearly states beware of dog, its your own fault if you get bitten. Expecially if hes in his own yard. My site was neither inappropriate nor any sort of threat or risk to children or anyone who came across it. 600 views a day should indicate how much its being enjoyed. Ive been with yahoo long enough to know where my safe boundaries are , I would never intentionally compromise the existence of my profiles here. I really hope you post this because Im going to everywhere I can within yahoo and independent of it . Will you please restore my morgan_ferris profile with all inappropriate content removed to your satisfaction? I believe I have earned some sort of right to a recourse or a mitigation hearing or something that will enable me to correct the mistake I unintentionally made. Thank you for your reconsideration. Sincerely , Mary Dixon.

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Answer by cordefr
I sympatise with you and hope you had everything backed up on another computer.
Things being as they are in today’s society Yahoo and other space providers don’t take any risks any longer with borderline content. They have too much advertisement money at stake to bother or respond to site like yours.

Good luck!

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